Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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economic problems of Alcalá.

With the desired qualification for the next edition of the Copa del Rey, not the good news ended for the RSD Alcalá. After a difficult season in economics, which has reached six monthly obligation to the players, seems to finally resolving the problem. And is that Antonio Acosta told a news conference, confirmed rumors that had circulated around the city in recent days, in which it was said that the club had found an investor and become a sporting society. In the aforementioned press conference, Antonio Acosta said "tomorrow we have a meal with the club, in which we have said we are going to say who is going to be the owners of the club, they have found an investor to take over." The rumor mill points to a society composed mostly of athletes. Two of its components are Iker Casillas and Kun Aguero. The club has confirmed the rumor mill, without confirming the investors who will be announced throughout the week.

Source: elgoldemadriz.com


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